TRAIs Big slap to the Internet Service Providers

TRAI Recommendation on Net Neutrality 
TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) today (28 nov,2017) released recommendation on net neutrality.
What is Net Neutrality , TRAI and ISP?
ISP  Internet Service Provider, who provides Internet as a service for that they may/may not charge.
e.g. Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Reliance etc.
Net Neutrality  To understand Net Neutrality we have to understand what are the role of ISP, while you browse the Internet. Lets breakdown the process what happen in the background when you watch videos in YouTube, You login to YouTube and start watching videos and so where from those videos are coming? somewhere in the other corner of world there are giant servers where all data are stored, from those servers your video is coming, it (data,video) travels huge distance before reaching to your phone, and here the role of ISP comes into picture ISPs are the middle man which helps to transfer data from the serves to your mobile. So one thing is clear from this, that data doesn’t belongs to the ISP that means the video you are watching it is not ISPs property they(ISPs) are only there for transportation of the data,and for the transportation of data they generally charge you money
In Simple terms ISP only delivers the data. So ISP should not discriminate the data, all data should be treated equally.
Some ways ISP can discriminate the data
  1. Different data in different speed, like they might take money form some x company which will load faster and there competitor will load slower
  2. Providing some data for free, like Facebook tried to do it in India last year to allow users to  browser Facebook for free. If it would have happened nobody will use other social networking sites they will die eventual. Similarly think if in your town a restaurant provides free food and and after sometime all other restaurants will die eventually and they(free food giving restaurant ) start taking more money, at that time you will not have any option
  3. Blocking some Sites
There are lot of such other examples.
So what Net Neutrality states ?
In simple words,Net Neutrality states that  ISP should treat all data equally and transfer data to the user  as soon as possible without altering or modifying the content. 
So, who is TRAI ?
TRAI  ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) is a government organisation. Mainly it  keeps eyes on GSM service providers and and ISPs for there wrong doings and sets rules and regulation for those organisations.
TRAI Recommendation on Net Neutrality 
TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) today (28 nov, 2017) released recommendation on net neutrality. Basically this recommendation  states that what an ISP can and cannot do.
lets look deeper what TRAI has said in their press release

1. Restriction on any sort of discrimination

This basically says that the licence (for being an ISP) that Internet Provider holds  should clearly state that they(ISPs) are not allowed to discriminate any data pass through the network irrespective of any protocol and device

2.What actually is a discrimination

Any data blocking, e.g disabling  or  slowing VoIP (which is used for voice calls) . Allowing some Sites to load fast and other at normal speed or slow speed, or modifying the data while passing through the network like injecting adds etc will be considered as discrimination

3. ISP should stay way from bad people

ISPs Should not get into agreement with any person or organisation whose intention is to discriminate net neutrality

4. IoT also enjoys non discrimination

Now a days almost everything is connected to the internet like refrigerator , coffeemaker etc and in this (above) it clearly states the ISP should not discriminate on these devices also.
And Heroes behind the great act
TRAI Chairman  Ram Sewak Sharma
TRAI Secretary  Sunil Kumar Gupta 
You can view the original files here : Recommendation and Press Release
For more information visit TRAI  on Net Neutrality

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