Show Ads on UC browser

Why showing adds on UC Browser is important?

If you are a blogger and your sole income is from AdSense (or similar ) that means you are getting 44% less money than what should you get, because by default UC browser blocks all ads. For example, if you are earning 100$ per month than you could make 178$ per month if UC browser doesn’t block your ads. keep reading if you want to show ads on UC browser.
As of 2017 browsers used by Indian users
source: UC Browser 44% Chrome 35% Opera 10% others 11%

How to show ads on UC browser?

There is no easy way to do this.

Method 1

Use the following script and add it to site level (as html  widget)or post level (add this script to the last of your post, like how you add adsense codes). This script will detect if the user is browsing from UC browser or not, if yes, it will open chrome(which is by default installed in all androids) and display your site (or post), which will happen so fast user will not understand anything.

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