RedditXplorer chrome extension

RedditXplorer enhances the user experience while browsing Reddit.

              Most of the content on Reddit are external links, the description of the links are not enough to understand what is the actual content of the link. So we have to click the links and view the contents and the main problem with this (clicking links) you have to leave Reddit and go to external site sometime you are happy sometimes you are not, the only way to come back to Reddit is by back button otherwise you lose the track where you left Reddit. RedditXplorer is the only solution to all of these problems.

Current features of RedditExplorer

1. View external sites without leaving Reddit RedditXplorer chrome extension Add RedditXplorer to Chrome Now you can view external sites without leaving Reddit. All the external sites will be loaded on the main page itself. RedditXplorer chrome extension Add RedditXplorer to Chrome You can resize the external site viewer and open the external site in new tab. 2. Automatically expand all the Images and posts, and adds a direct download button for supported external media. Reddit Xplorer chrome extension Now you don’t have to go and click each expand button to view the image/gif/text posts, if the settings are enabled RedditXplorer will auto expand all the media.vIt will also place a download button if the media is downloadable. Before downloading anything please read RedditXplorer disclaimer. Add RedditXplorer to Chrome All RedditXplorer features are configurable, please reconfigure it according to your needs. please note that if you are using slow internet its recommended not to use Auto Expand media feature. download  RedditXplorer  Before using RedditXplorer please read our privacy policy and disclaimer. For feature request or report bugs in the comment section below.

CPU usage and security

  1. The extension only works with so no CPU usage on other sites.
  2. Each external sites are HTML5 sandboxed iFrame.
  3. If external sites use http (not https) will not be loaded by External Site viewer
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