Make Chrome desktop APP , chrome –app argument

a simple chrome app 

What is chrome App ?

Chrome app is a feature given by Google Chrome to open an web page separate from the window without any extra functionalities. (like URL bar, option to open new tab tabs, bookmarks, settings, extensions, etc will not be there in chrome App). Only the URL that you will specify only that page will be visible user. An example of an App is shown on the left hand side screenshot.

What is difference between a webpage open in web browser and in chrome App?

chrome browser top

                 When you open a page in web browser there will be lot of other basic features will given by chrome to the user, like URL bar (where user can type web address), option to open new tabs,bookmarks, settings,extensions,apps.

               On the other hand when A page is open as a chrome App all other functionalities will be gone only the URL you will specify that page will be there and nothing else, This gives the user an extra feeling that they are working on something different, and user will stick to your page only.Yes the whole browser top will be removed in chrome app.

When do you want to make an chrome app?

There is couple of scenario where you will want to make a chrome app. Like,
  1. You are a blogger and you have regular visitors, that means users likes your contents,than user will like to have a app on there desktop so that in one click the can access to to you page.
  2. Same goes for YouTube channel holders, so that in one click they can access your videos.
  3. You are a developer and developed something cool and you don’t  want your users to open the web browser and and type the URL. e.g suppose you made a game in java script , will you want the user to open it in browser and type the URL? no right. It will be nice for them if they can start playing the game just by one click, like native apps.
  4. For parental control you want your child / students only open specific site for study nothing else. 
  5. There are far more situation like this , only limitation is your imagination.

How to make an chrome App?

  • I am a blogger/ Youtuber / Alien  
                         [follow this link to get App specially designed for you ]

  • I am a developer / Martian and I want to achieve this feature for Mozilla Firefox
               [follow this link to get instructions for achieving this feature in Mozilla FF]

  • I am a developer / Martian and I want to achieve this feature for Google Chrome
                      It is easier than you think,  chrome_path  –app=”your_url”
lets make a bat file which will open in App. copy and paste the line below in one line and save it as pfrng.bat and click it.Your chrome path might not be same ,please change it according to your path. To get the path form , Right Click google chrome icon > properties > copy the path form target field
 “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”  –app=”http:\″ 

If you want to change the size of the window , use JS      window.resizeTo(650, 650) ;  

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