How to stop people from accessing your whatsApp


About WhatsApp

As we all know WhatsApp is an awesome app which almost replaced SMS. Using WhatsApp you can send text messages , images, videos, documents, voice call , video call everything for free even for international calls. Globally it has 1.2 users. For such a popular app the security is very high ,than how it is possible to do such kind of thing ?

What is WhatsApp Web?

All this problem came form its own feature.You can use the WhatsApp on computer directly ,without touching your mobile, after the initial setup,this called WhatsApp Web. An user can sit on his computer and use his computer keyboard to write text , no need to touch the phone to check who messaged you. You can see directly on the computer itself, every person who uses  internet and computer he/she must use this feature to make your life more easier.
WhatsApp Web on Browser or Desktop App

How to get WhatsApp web on computer?

WhatsApp Web
It is very easy to get WhatsApp on computer .
  1.  In computer go to site
  2.  In mobile goto menu > WhatsApp web > Scan the QR code displayed on the website .(To go to menu , there will be three dots on the top right side of the app   If the three dots is not there press the left side button bellow the screen)
  3.  When QR scan is finished, everything you can do in mobile now you are able to do it in the computer.

How people can misuse it?

People you trust most , they hurt you most, in this case only trusted person can harm you. Here trust is in terms of whom you give your mobile. It only take less than 20 sec they can scan the QR code and get full access of your whatsApp, after that  they can check your messages, send messages and delete the message you will never know, who did this. They can do it on computer as well as mobiles also, there are various apps like WhatScan which makes all the process more easier for them.

How to check somebody is accessing you WhatsApp?

Go to menu and select WhatsApp Web.
There is two outcome of the precious step, one is good One bad.
The Bad Outcome :
From the above screenshot is taken after accessing whatsApp web in two different computers , so if someone is accessing you whatsApp it will appear here ,but no name will be displayed ,only when last active , device os and place. So, to block them from accessing your whatsApp you just have to press “Log out from all computers” that’s it done, now nobody can access your account. Do check this always if somebody again scanned from your mobile.
The good Outcome:
sceen appears if nobody is accessing your account
If you see this screen appears than everything is ok. but keep on doing the same exercise to know if anyone is accessing your account.
They don’t even need a computer to use whatsApp web there are various apps like WhatScan by which they can access you whatsApp on there mobile directly.

Checklist for securing your wahtsApp

  1. Never let any one to use your phone , if you have to give some your mobile observer carefully what they are doing.
  2. Do frequently check the option whatsApp web atleast once a day or week.
  3. Check other person is using  WhatScan type of app, if so than never share your mobile with them.
  4. If they have WhatsScan ask them to explain why they are using(there might be valid reason also).
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