Hebbe Falls, situated inside Bhadra Tiger Reserve.  This is one of the biggest tourist attraction of Chickmagaluru. One of the most beautiful waterfall in Karnataka. keep reading to know how to reach hebbe falls chickmagaluru

The Journey begins

  The first part of the journey is up to Kemmannugundi, It is a beautiful hill station surrounded by greenery. On the way to Kemmannugundi you will witness the glimpse of nature.The condition of the road is quite okay but has a lot of turnings so expert driving skill is required. Only the last 1-2km on the top is a muddy road.  

At BHADRA Tiger Reserve

hebbe falls chickmagaluruAt the top, you will find the BHADRA Tiger Reserve, with private cars, you can go up to here only after this you have to take vehicle provided by the forest ranges. And for this, they will charge 400/preson (as of 2018 ). And there is one more catch they start in a batch of 8-10 people so if you are 2-3 person together then you have to join another group, generally, the Rangers manage those things.

One The way to Hebby Falls

hebbe falls chickmagaluru From the checkpoint of the reserve forest almost 3-4 km you have to go by the provided vehicle. Total bumpy muddy road but the surrounding view is nice and the best part is the last 1km tracking in the dense forest, there are 3 small streams you have to cross before getting the final destination. better to were slippers. hebbe falls chickmagaluru

At Hebby Falls

Nothing much to say, JUST enjoy the view. hebbe falls chickmagaluru hebbe falls chickmagaluru hebbe falls chickmagaluru

Best time to visit Hebby falls

To get privacy better to reach before 6:30 very fewer people will be there, after 7:30 it will be total crowded. And the best part of this you can view the sunrise on the top of the falls. Just take time enjoy the view, and have fun.

Trip Optimizer 

hebbe falls chickmagaluru 65 KM from Chickmagaluru, Karnataka 260 km from Bengaluru, Karnataka You should divide your chickmagaluru trip in two days. Near to Kemmannugundi there are almost 5 – 6 places you can visit. Habbe falls and Z- Point is most popular. Visiting all the places will take a whole day. To reach early, you should stay at Kadur, it is a small city but some decent/okey hotels there to stay
  1. Start at 5:15 you will reach BHDRA tiger reserve by 6:10
  2. 30 mins it will take to reach to the hebby falls , 20  +10 mins by walk
  3. Spend 1 hours –  1:30 mins  on Hebby falls
  4. Return from there and Start heading for Z-Point on the way you can do breakfast.


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