Free Energy Scam (on youtube )

Just search on Youtube about free energy,you will be amazed by watching tons of video about free energy.
1. What is free energy?
2. Why it is scam?

What is free energy?

             Till now physics explains that energy cannot be created it can only transformed one from to another. That means to generate energy you have to waste energy. Now about  free energy, if you can generate energy without wasting any energy than it is free energy, this idea is not new but till now nobody able to prove it , this type of machine is known as perpetual motion machine. Watch  this video to know more about perpetual motion machine.
So lets see the search result on youtube for free energy.
So, as you have seen there are tons of free energy video claiming that their machine can generate free energy. If you watch carefully you will find in all the machine there are mainly tow parts
1. Converts motion to energy (usually generator)
2. Converts energy to motion (usually motor)
In simple words all free energy video is saying this
Why you are buying fuel ? 🙂
               Another example, Think what will happen when you allow a rubber ball to free fall form a height, will it reach the same height after bouncing back, definitely no because what will happen if it reaches the same height ? think for the next bounce , it will reach the same height and by this way it will bounce infinitely, and this is enough for being a perpetual machine, now think what will happen if the height after first bounce exceeds the initial height and than what will happen at the next time? After sometime it will reach the height of moon, and this is how free energy will work in every situation which will be unstoppable and increase indefinitely.

Why it is SCAM ?

              It is scam, because general people will fall in to their words and and try to do it by themselves and that’s where things gets worse because in some videos they are using direct power supply form wall outlet (220v / 110v)  which is extremely dangerous, in some videos they are using the free energy to charge smartphones, which can damage the phone permanently.
You cannot call this videos as prank because it is harmful in terms of life and property, although they are not taking money directly from you.

Why do they do it?

              They do it for views , and as we all know views = money. They are earning thousands of droller only by fooling people.

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