How to highlight cursor in ShareX

ShareX is one of the most popular screen recording software and the best part is, it is FREE. It has a lot of features but the main problem with ShareX is it cannot highlight cursor or display the clicks while recording, which is very necessary when you are making tutorial videos or helps etc without this the viewer won’t understand when the user has clicked. cursor highlighting in sharex can be done easily, keep reading to know. cursor highlighting in sharex

The above screen grab gif is taken by ShareX

How to highlight cursor while recording with ShareX

ShareX doesn’t have this feature but with the help of some other software, we can achieve that.

The first tool is PointerFocus

This is an awesome tool which highlights the cursor and provider visual feedback for left click, right click, and any key press. But this is a paid tool which will display the popup to buy this. cursor highlighting in sharex  

How to hide PointerFocus Trial version PopUp

For this, we need to use another software called HiddeX which helps to hide any window and it is free. In HiddeX you have to first select the window which you want to hide, in our case, it is PointerFocus trial version, right click it and add it to the hide list. cursor highlighting in sharex If you have a mouse than its done because by default HiddeX on middle mouse key press it will hide all the window present in the hide list. But if you don’t have a mouse than you have to assign a hotkey and by pressing that it will hide the window. Let’s see how it is done without mouse cursor highlighting in sharex  

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