CSS and HTML for bloggers


Why should you learn HTML and CSS?

CSS and HTML for bloggers (WordPress, Blogspot,etc.) is one of the most thing to learn. There are several situations when you  will need this knowledge
  1. You want to change the look and feel of your theme
  2. You want to copy styling form another theme
  3. Hide advertisement
  4. In a post highlight some part of the content so that it attracts the attention of viewers.
  5. etc.

What is HTML and CSS

HTML is HyperText Markup Language and CSS is Cascading Style Sheet. In simple word, by HTML you can put your data (your text, image, video etc.) in the proper format so that browser can download and display it whereas by CSS you can tell the browser how to enhance the look of your data  (your text, image, video etc.). So from this point, one thing should be clear that without CSS is optional. If you don’t provide CSS the browser will display it in its default look. Let’s look an example. HTML
<h1>This is post heading</h1>
here, h1 (header 1)is an HTML tag and This is post heading is your data. It is a basically instructing the browser that display This is post heading on the browser in big header mode. The style/look will be the default so the text color will be in black. So let’s change the default look by CSS
h1 { color : red; }

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