Canary version – what is it ?

What is Canary software release or Canary version ?
       You might heard the name form google chrome canary version or android studio canary version, although it has nothing to do with google. To understand to what actually canary is, we have to dig deeper in the history, which is quite interesting 🙂
In early 1800 in the peak of coal mining, coal miners mysteriously  started dying inside coal mines. To find root cause Scottish scientist John Scott Haldane  did couple of experiments and find out the symptoms are related to carbon monoxide. And now he needs a carbon monoxide detector, early those days electronics didn’t reach that much of advancement. So this fellow comes into picture.
       They put canary bird in a cage and take them with the miners, until it keeps on singing everything is fine else its time to evacuate the mine and it saved lot of people, and it became a live saving gadget for the miners  and which helped to shape 21st century .
So why only Canary Bird?
  1. It almost continuously keeps on singing.
  2. As it keeps on hoping around and continuously singing it needs to lot of oxygen so it breaths continuously  and which helps to detect toxic gas as soon as possible.
  3. It is small and light weight, so it is easy to carry
What does the Canary term means in software industry?
        Before releasing the code to all users it first releases to small subset of users where who will be used as canary, yes here the user is canary not the software, which(users) will be used to detect early warning and bugs before rolling out to all  users, which helps to detect bugs early without affecting lot of users.
           By implementing the term Canary in Software industry we are actually paying tribute to the uncounted brave heart innocent bird which saved lot of lives and helped to build the society in which we are currently living in.
Want to be canary 🙂 go ahead and use
  1.  Google chrome Canary
  2. Android Studio Canary

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